About YFL PH

Welcome to the official page of the Youth Football League! The Youth Football League (YFL) currently offers a highly competitive youth league for clubs with U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17 and U19 age groups. The league aims to provide organized football competitions throughout the year catering to youth clubs and players looking for more opportunities to play beyond their school varsities.


The Youth Football League (YFL) is an offspring of the former United Football Youth League (UFL-Youth) created by the Football Alliance and is geared towards helping youth club football reach the next level. Thanks to the Football Alliance and their remarkable commitment to improving club-based football in the country, the YFL has been given a great boost to carry out its objectives and carry on the mission and essence of what was started in the past UFL competitions.

As the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) launches the much-awaited Philippine Football League (PFL) this April 2017 to cater to the country’s elite senior squads, the Federation has also extended its blessing to the YFL and has fully supported its initiative to provide further growth for youth football clubs and its members.
The founding members of the Youth Football Club Association, Inc. include Green Archers United FC, Ceres-Negros Youth FC, MSA-Aguila FC, Loyola Meralco FC, Forza FC, JP-Voltes FC, Global FC, Kaya FC, and Stallion-Laguna FC. The initial YFL season also includes the participation of teams such as Socceroo FC, Nomads FC and Mendiola FC. The YFL looks forward to rapid growth and continues to be open to legitimate youth football clubs sharing the same vision and looking to engage in consistent playing opportunities throughout the year.

Main Objectives

To promote grassroots football development through consistent leagues, tournaments and festivals for children of all ages

To provide a platform for club teams, especially those based in the Luzon region, to expand its horizons and be provided opportunities for more exposure and playing time, in order to support at a grassroots level the endeavours of the Philippine Football Federation, its auxiliaries and international counterparts

To spearhead initiatives in providing training assistance in rural areas and communities with the support of local and national government

To create an atmosphere of sportsmanship and healthy competition amongst youth clubs

To encourage youth clubs, despite being competitors, to collaborate and collectively work together to improve the state of youth football in the country
For its preliminary year, the YFL will have at least 20 weekends of high level matches–Season 1 will run from April 23rd to June 25th while Season 2 will commence on September 2nd until November 5th, at the Alabang Country Club. We will continue to post updates on upcoming events and further developments throughout 2017.
We look forward to taking this next step in youth club football with each and every one of you!

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